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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Last Fight

Evanna generating power
Gannen stabs Vancha
R.V approach Gannen & Vancha
R.V slice Gannen, but then got stab by Steve
Steve stabs his old best friend, Darren
Steve Leonard & Darren Shan

Mr Crepsley & Darren Shan

Mr Crepsley performing
Mr.Crepsley hugging the wolf
Darren & the little cute wolf
Mr Crepsley shocked when Darren is falling
Mr Crepsley & Gavner taking off their clothes to climb Vampire Mountain
Mr Crepsley & Darren taking shower

Monday, June 8, 2009

Can you trust your friend?

Sorry for the late update...

Truska dress up Darren in Mr. Crepsley's cape
Darren miss the late Mr. Crepsley
Steve Leonard
Steve's Evil Laugh
Steve reveal himself as the Lord of Vampaneze to Darren

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