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Friday, March 13, 2009

Vampire Mountain Pictures

Darren preparing food for Little People 

Mr.Tiny paid a visit, asking Crepsley to take two Little People along to Vampire Mountain as guardians of Darren.

Darren & Crepsley get ready to go to Vampire Mountain
Gavner with his Pink Elephant boxers
Darren & team found two broken coffins and vampire blood
3 Wolfs who follows Darren & team on the way to Vampire Mountain, but leave when Darren & team reached Vampire Mountain
Bear infected with vampaneze blood attacks Darren
Vampire Mountain view
Darren & Team reached Vampire Mountain Entrance
Kurda Smahlt
Arra Sails 
Kurda doing the death sign
The fighting arena inside Vampire Mountain
Arra Vs Darren


Rainbow-Rave said...

awezome !!!!

Love Darren Shan <3

Fun to have it as a manga x3

sophi said...

love the pics please add more!!!

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