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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lake Of Souls Part 2


Dragons coming...
Gelatinous globes + Grotesque's venom = BOMBS
Dragon approaching..
Throw the bomb and it goes KABOOM!
Spits fished out Murlough, but Darren send him back to the lake again.
Dragon starting to breath fire to kill Spits.. (notice: Spits is infront of the dragon's mouth)
That is the end of Spits Abrams aka The Canibal life. (notice: Spits is the dark figure in the fire)
Harkat fished Kurda out of the lake.
Darren & Harkat was shocked.
Kurda Smahlt
Kurda Smahlt / Harkat Mulds
But, Kurda have to go back to the lake, because they have choosen Harkat to live.
Farewell Kurda Smahlt

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